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A big shout out and thank you to the many people who helped and supported us in getting this online course together!

Recitation Instructors for Ph2a
Shouzhen (Bailey) Gu and Rob Learsch
For teaching the course alongside us, the helpful discussions and coming up with content for the class and exams

Grading Teaching Assistants for Ph2a
Anya Mitskovets, James Jusuf, Simon Ricci, David Shlivko, Bethany Suter and David Wu
For writing solutions to homeworks and exams

Physics Department at Caltech
Prof. Gil Refael for his encouragement and logistical support
Chris Mach for tech support
Freddy Mora & Nam Ung for logistical support with hiring and course management
Zachary Tobin for support with logistics and in-class demos

Partial Funding for the course was provided by the Caltech Physics Department

Academic Media Technologies at Caltech
Leslie Maxfield for helping organize and putting together all the media logistics
Gina Chen for editing, compiling the videos, and putting together the promo video
Adam Cochran for legal advice related to the online use of the material

Center for Teaching Learning and Outreach (CTLO) at Caltech
Dr. Cassandra Horii and Dr. Jennifer Weaver
For their support in conceptualizing this online course, and helpful discussions along the way

Innovation in Education Fund, Caltech
Helped fund the media aspects of the course

Anya Mitskovets, Francesca Baldini and Zihao Qi
For recording the lectures and recitations

All Students of Ph2a Fall 2019 at Caltech
Special mention to Luis Pabon and Saehui Hwang for being in the promo video

Amanda Piyapanee for putting together the website

Tal Einav for the discussions and Mathematica Code for Normal Modes

Swati Chaudhary, Alexander Moss and Aditya Pandey for discussions and helpful content