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Main Textbook

Vibrations and Waves
George King
ISBN: 978-1-118-68178-7

Homeworks Solution Keys
Homework 1 Solution Key 1
Homework 2 Solution Key 2
Homework 3 Solution Key 3
Homework 4 Solution Key 4
Midterm Midterm
Homework 5 Solution Key 5
Homework 6 Solution Key 6
Homework 7 Solution Key 7
Homework 8 Solution Key 8
Final Final
Lectures Recitations
Lecture 1: Simple Harmonic Motion Recitation 1: Why Vibrations and Waves Matter
Lecture 2: The Pendulum and the LC Circuit
Recitation 2: Simple Harmonic Motion in Action
Lecture 3: Damped and Driven Harmonic Oscillator Recitation 3: Damped Harmonic Motion - I
Lecture 4: Three Cases of Damped Motion
Recitation 4: Damped Harmonic Motion - II
Lecture 5: Steady State Motion of a Forced Damped Harmonic Oscillator Recitation 5: Forced Harmonic Motion
Lecture 6: Energy and Power Dissipation; Coupled Oscillators Recitation 6: Forced Harmonic Motion in Action
Lecture 7: Solving the Coupled Oscillator Equation
Recitation 7: Coupled Oscillators
Lecture 8: Forced Coupled Oscillation; Traveling Waves Recitation 8: Coupled Oscillations in Action
Lecture 9: "The" Wave Equation and a Vibrating String Recitation 9: The Phenomenon of Wave Propagation
Lecture 10: Where Things Begin and End Boundary Conditions and Discontinuities Recitation 10: Continuum Normal Modes and Standing Waves
Lecture 11: Standing Waves Recitation 11: Fourier Analysis in Action
Lecture 12: Fourier Analysis and then More Dimensions Recitation 12: Standing Waves and Boundary Conditions in Two Dimensions
Lecture 13: Standing Waves Demonstrated and Analysis of the Circular Drumhead Recitation 13: Interference and Sound Channels
Lecture 14: Interference of Waves and Electromagnetic Waves Recitation 14: Interference in Action
Lecture 15: Polarization; Huygen’s Principle; Diffraction Recitation 15: Polarization
Lecture 16: Double Slits and Circular Apertures Recitation 16: Introduction to Dispersion of Waves
Lecture 17: Fresnel Diffraction, then on to Dispersion Recitation 17: Thanksgiving: A Glimpse into the Heart of Physics
Lecture 18: Dispersion Demonstrated Recitation 18: Final Review
Lecture 19: The Bandwidth Theorem

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